Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Go Green Campaigns: The New Trend among Companies

With all the environmental backlashes around the globe, more and more companies are now “going green”. For those who are still not aware of it, the term “going green” refers to becoming environment-friendly.

Most offices have already implemented their own “go green campaigns”. The most common corporate green campaigns involve the reduction of office stationery to decrease the volume of paper wasted by offices. Employees are encouraged not to print emails and other documents unless these are extremely necessary. Another is the implementation of energy conservation measures.

Since most of the go green campaigns in offices involve reduction in the use and supply of papers, does this mean that offices can survive without any paper? Or does this mean that offices that still use paper do not care about the environment? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. Papers are part of a day’s work. Offices can still be environment-friendly by using recycled materials. And by “recycled materials”, I am not only referring to recycled paper.

Printers are also as much a part of daily office works as papers are. This means that printer toners and cartridges are still required. The good news is offices can also be environment-friendly. Toner for Earth offers remanufactured cartridges, one way for offices to go green. The company employs only highly-skilled and certified technicians to ensure that our remanufactured cartridges are cleaned, re-assembled and tested for distribution.

To date, more than 3 million companies worldwide are using remanufactured cartridges for their printing needs. The print results do not differ from those of brand-new cartridges. They still give excellent print results. Aside from this, remanufactured cartridges matter because it can help prevent more than 300 million plastic printer cartridges from being dumped in landfills.

So for companies aiming to boost their corporate social responsibility, check out Toner for Earth and see what difference you can make.

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