Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Dispose or Make Use of Old Printers

With the way printer manufacturers upgrade their products nowadays, you can easily find yourself drowning in a sea of outdated printers. However, Toner for Earth discourages you from just throwing your old printer/s away. Simply doing that is not environment-friendly.

There are several alternatives on how you can dispose or make use of your old printer.

If you are dead set on throwing the old printer away, make sure that the ink or toner cartridge is removed. This may leak and cause a lot of harm and poison to the environment since it contains toxic materials.

In most communities, garbage pick-up or collection is scheduled so make sure that you take your old printer out only on the day and time scheduled. Some computer stores offer proper disposal stations for electronic devices. You can take them there. If you’re lucky enough, you might run to one of those stores that offer trade-in deals. This means that you can still get some salvage value from your old printer by trading it in and then adding some cash for the upgraded unit.

Just throwing the old printer away is the least environment-friendly measure that you can do, so try to consider the other options first.

When you have time (and your old printer is still functional), you may scout around your area for some organizations or places that take used printers as donations. Some of these organizations or places include schools, shelters and non-profit organizations. There is always the option to sell your old functional printer to a second-hand store, thrift shop or flea market. In this way, you are still able to get a part of your money back from the old printer. Another suggestion will be to sell or donate your old printer to shops that specialize in refurbishing old computers and equipment.

Supposing that you are unable to find any of these places, you can always post an online ad on sites like Freecycle or Craiglist which offer free listing for good that you want to sell. In this way, other people can buy your old printer and still put it to good use.

Lastly, some of the more creative and innovative individuals can think of other ways to re-design and “re-purpose” old printers. This will allow you to make good use of some of the printer parts even if the whole unit is no longer functional. For example, you may empty the contents of the old printer and use the shell as container for trinkets, papers, art supplies and others.

In disassembling the printer parts, you may also sell each printer component separately in junkyards or refurbishing shops. You may also have each part checked if it’s still working or not. You may want to keep the parts that are still in good condition as spare especially if your new printer carries the same brand or model series.

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