Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Maximize ROI in One Simple Way

As 2009 comes to a close, businesses are now preparing not only for the tax season but also for the 2010 business plans. Along with these, management teams also have to come up with their budget allocation for the whole year. A portion of the budget allocation is for the printer supplies. Although more and more companies are now going green, paperwork and printouts are still very much a part of daily office work.

Toner for Earth understands your business needs. We are giving you an option to cut down your expenses while, at the same time, promote your “go green” campaign. What is this option? Use compatible or remanufactured toners and cartridges on your office printers. We promise to give you your money’s worth. The savings are really excellent, not to mention your valuable contribution to your corporate social responsibility of helping save the environment.

Who knows? You may be spending too much on your printer supplies. As businesspeople, we know that you are familiar with the various models and strategies that businesses do to maximize their ROI. Printer manufacturers, for one, make use of the “user-based model”. This means that they are willing to sell their printer products at lower prices (even lower than the actually costs) since they can make more money from selling OEM toners and inks.

Just to give you an idea on how much your business can save from using compatible or remanufactured toners and inks, let us consider the following:

Table 1: Sample Cost Analysis

Printer Model: HP Color LaserJet CP4005n (CB503A)

Unit Price: $ 1,099.00

Cost/Cartridge ($)


Cost per Page ($)

Cost/Year ($) *

Savings (vs. OEM)






Premium Compatible Toner






Remanufactured Toner






*Cost per Year is calculated assuming that your office replaces black toner cartridges every two months.

**Since the remanufactured toner has more standard page yield, it is assumed that it can last more than 2 months.

Based on this, you can see that your business can maximize its ROI by getting more savings from using compatible or remanufactured toners and inks. If you opt to purchase OEM toners, a whole year’s supply or consumption is already almost equivalent to the price of a new printer unit.

Premium toner allows you to cut your expenses by more than half with hardly any difference on the print quality and page yield. Users who have tried premium compatible or remanufactured toners and inks attest that they did not encounter any problems in installing and even in the outputs of premium toners and inks.

Using remanufactured toners and inks give you the highest savings. There are no issues or problems with remanufactured toners and inks especially if they are manufactured by reliable third-party manufacturers. There may be some differences in terms of print quality but this is hardly noticeable.

Apart from the savings, using compatible or remanufactured toners and inks can help save empty or used cartridges from being discarded into landfills. Keep in mind that it takes an average of 450 million years before these cartridges can decompose. So avoid consuming new or OEM cartridges faster than the landfills can decompose them if you want a clean environment.

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