Friday, December 18, 2009

Online Shopping for Toner Cartridge

To make the yuletide season extra special, people find ways to give gifts that are unique, special and from the heart. For one, they create and print their own Christmas cards. But imagine when you have can't print these cards because your printer ran out of toner. With holiday rush, how are you gonna go out and buy a replacement ink or toner cartridge? The answer: you don't have to go out. You can just turn on your computer and go online shopping!

The beauty of shopping for inks and toners online is it allows you to buy your supplies without leaving your house. Aside from this, buying toner or ink cartridges (whether OEM, compatible or remanufactured) is cheaper in online stores.

There are a few things to consider before you make an online purchase.

  • Check or verify company information – Technically, you should go for a company that’s into selling ink and toner cartridges online for several years. The longer they are in the service, the better. You should look for companies that have more than two years experience in online selling to ensure smooth transactions. It is also better if the website carries a complete address and contact details. A street address is better than a P.O. Box address. The company should preferably have a toll-free number or a customer service hotline that is available 24/7. Lastly, the printer manufacturer or seller should also have a legitimate email address so you can contact them easily, anytime and anywhere.
  • Good website information – Online companies should have a good and user-friendly websites. Customers should be able to understand all information posted and should be able to easily navigate through the site. Good online companies provide information on their websites including a glossary of terms that explains all the details about the ink and toner cartridges that they are selling; FAQ which answers the common inquiries that the company receives from its customers; company refund policy which explains how the customer can request for a refund (complete information along with time period and validity of refund); and company exchange policy which explains how the customer can request for exchange (if necessary).
  • User-friendly product catalog or easy-to-use product selection – Customers should be able to navigate through the site and find the ink or toner cartridge that they need easily. This should take only a few minutes.
  • Updated prices – One of the reasons why you opted for online shopping is because you want to save yourself from the hazards and expenses you would encounter when you go to a physical store. Online printer supplies stores should state their prices clearly and plainly. Indicate if the posted price is valid and up-to-date and if it already includes shipping costs and other fees. In general, online stores offer cheaper ink and toner cartridges so you’ll definitely pay less than when you go and buy from a store.
  • Money back guarantee – Online companies that sell ink and toner cartridges should offer an unconditional money back guarantee. This means that you can always get in touch with the company if you are not satisfied with their product and arrange for a refund or exchange.
  • Shipping information – Customers should verify the shipping information of the online store first before making the purchase. Check if the company offers free shipping. If not, clarify the shipping cost, lead time and courier.
  • Secure server – Always verify if the online store has a secure server to ensure that your personal information will remain private. This also makes payment easier and faster.
  • Privacy policy – When making purchases, customers have to enter their personal details. A company’s privacy policy ensures that they will not give your information to other companies and that you will not receive junk mails or spams.
  • Order tracking – Online stores provide an order tracking function that allows customers to see the location and status of their purchase. In some cases, the online store gives customer the tracking number so they can track it through the shipping company.

Following these tips will certainly make your purchase transactions smooth and stress-free. This also ensures that you get the best warranty, service and products in the market at cheaper costs (of course).

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