Monday, December 14, 2009

Recession Gives Remans More Market Shares

Printer manufacturers were also affected by the recession. Sales of OEM cartridges have gone down for this year as compared to the previous year. The reason? Consumers are now trying to get their money's worth by going for cheaper alternatives like ink refills, compatible toners and remanufactured toners.

In a research conducted by IDC, a research firm, the sales of official OEM laser toner consumables have gone down by 24.9%. This is for the first half of 2009 only. Ink cartridge sales also went down by 19.2%.

If you think that the sales of OEM cartridges may be due to people opting not to print in order to save money on electricity and other resources, think again. The consumers have not changed their ways or habits. Instead, it appears that they have learned something from the recession. It has prompted consumers to go for cheaper alternatives like compatible and remanufactured toners and inks. In fact, the market for compatible inks, ink refills and remanufactured cartridges have demonstrated a steady increase. Sales in this sector have gone up by 5.1% over the same time period. This means that refills, compatibles and remans now have a 37.3% market share, up from 29.6 % in 2008.

Most of the growth in cheaper cartridge alternatives are seen In Russia, Ukraine and other countries that are heavily-dominated by refills and remans. In the U.S. and U.K., more consumers are also now patronizing compatible and reman printer supplies. Because of this, analysts fear that this continuing trend may make the impacts on OEM’s supplies revenues more aggravating.

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