Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Make Your HP Printer Driver Compatible with Windows 7

With the introduction of Windows 7 late last year, the public’s reaction was not of an excitement over the launching of this new Microsoft product. It was more of a concern if they could find a compatible printer driver for their HP printers.

By this time, there are printer driver versions available for HP printers that are compatible with Windows 7. Simply browse through the HP driver page at the HP official website and see if the printer model that you are using has a Windows 7-compatible printer driver. If it has then you're lucky. If your printer model is not listed there, don’t panic yet. This does not necessarily mean that your printer does not support Windows 7 and that you have to get a new printer. HP has made it clear that it will no longer upgrade printers that support Windows Vista just to make these compatible with Windows 7.

To install an HP printer driver compatible to Windows 7, just follow these simple steps:

1. Get your set-up disk and insert this into your PC’s CD drive.
2. Select the Explorer option and view its file contents.
3. Scroll down until you see the word SETUP on the page. Right click on this file and select Properties.
4. A new window will pop up. Select the Compatibility tab from the new pop-up window.
5. Uncheck the “Run This Program in Compatibility Mode For” slot and instead, check “Windows Vista” slot.
6. Ensure that the phrase “Run this program as administrator” is also checked. This is can be found at the bottom part of the pop-up window.
7. Click on Apply before selecting OK.

Aside from this, HP has also released a Windows 7 Upgrade Program that allows you to order an upgrade kit for Windows 7. However, the order process is restricted. You can only order the upgrade kit if your PC satisfies the eligibility requirements.

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