Thursday, January 21, 2010

Regular Printer Ink Can Be Used for Photo Prints

Some people think that you cannot use regular printer ink to print photos. Well, we can't blame them for thinking this way since in most cases, the print quality is not very good when you use regular printer ink. In addition, it can also be tedious for you to work around the printer settings just to get the print quality that you want. Oftentimes, the user blames the printer, the paper or the quality of the original photograph for the poor print quality.

However, there are cases in which the ink cartridge or the type of printer ink being used affect the quality of the photo prints. The good news is it is possible to get high quality photo prints even when you use regular printer ink. All you need is the right configuration for both your printer and the ink cartridge.

Simply look into the configuration options for your printer. You can view and change this through the Control Panel. Set the print quality to high if you want to get better quality prints. This can enhance your print quality and can give you the desired print quality even if you are not using premium photo ink.

Another possible solution is to use special photo paper. The type of paper you use for printing can guarantee whether or not you will get good quality printed images. Special photo paper is recommended for use with both regular printer ink and with premium photo ink.

Now you know that you do not actually need to buy premium photo ink. If you want the absolute best photo prints then it is recommended that you buy premium photo ink but if you are printing graphics just for the sake of having a hard copy or you’re not into printing graphics often, then you can use regular printer ink to save money and effort to switch ink cartridges.

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