Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Create a Good Flyer

Flyers are one way of marketing and promoting your business products and services. Almost all types of businesses can make use of a good flyer design to attract potential customers. So what do you think are the factors that contribute to a good flyer design?

The first factor is the print design of the flyer. This should be simple, direct-to-the-point, and clean. The contents should be brief and easy to understand to send your message across to your customers. Do not to fill your flyer with words and images to avoid “cluttered look”. This makes sure that your readers will see your main points immediately and will not miss them. A white space of background for your content is important to make sure that it can be easily seen by the readers.

In terms of layout, good flyer designs employ the so-called “Z” design. With this, people will read your content from left to right, down and left to right again. This is effective because it is the natural way by which people read printed materials.

Always take time to proofread your contents and to check on the layout of the graphics before printing and distributing your flyers. A good flyer design does not have any typographical errors especially on the contact details of the business.

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