Friday, February 19, 2010

Should You Buy Printer Inks in Bulk?

Once in a while, we here people complaining about how expensive printer ink cartridges can get. In fact, try searching online for the topic and several articles are bound to come up with about half of them offering some tips on how consumers like you can minimize your printer ink costs. As we browsed through some of these articles, we noticed that a handful of them tell their readers to buy printer inks in bulk to save on the costs. Is it really practical to buy printer inks by bulk? Well, it depends on the user and on how the user defines his/her money’s worth.

As mentioned, the main reason why it is recommended that you buy printer inks in bulk is to avail of additional discounts. Just like most consumer goods, buying printer inks in bulk reduces the price per unit so you end up with more savings. But you have to think again. In buying bulk printer inks, you pay a lump sum of cold cash for printer inks that you will EVENTUALLY use.

From this, we can see two issues that might arise. One is you’ve got to have several hundred dollars so you can buy printer inks in bulk. Yes, it is possible that you would EVENTUALLY spend this much money on ink anyway, but paying such a huge sum right now can take a toll on your budget.

Another issue is when you buy bulk printer ink even if you don’t print that much. This is not good because the ink cartridge is stocked for a long time. It may settle and in some cases, it settles on the print head. This may lead to other issues ink spills or poor print quality. Some ink cartridges can also become unusable when stocked for a long time because the ink solidifies or dries up.

Buying printer inks in bulk may be advantageous or disadvantageous, depending on your demands. It is advisable if you are into bulk printing but for minimal printing, it is not advisable since you might end up with more expenses or more wastes.

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