Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wasteless Printer: Printer that Uses Recycled Paper and Recycles Paper

Talking about the different “green campaign” measures of the various companies, perhaps the most common measure that they do is to go “paperless” as much as possible. However, any type of business is not very likely to go paperless since the need to secure hard copies of some documents still arises from time to time.

Now, here is a possible solution to this concern: the PrePeat. PrePeat is a new desktop printer that uses sheets made from heat-senstive PET (polyethylene). Yes, it is made from recycled plastic. PET is the polymer materials used for manufacturing plastic bottles and some plastic bags. Aside from this, PrePeat can also print, then erase and reprint on the same page over and over. Each “plastic sheet” can be reused as much as 1,000 times. This eliminates not only the need for printer cartridges but also prevents more wastes from accumulating. It also contributes to environment conservation.

The only drawback of the PrePeat is its price. Right now, each printer costs about USD 5,517.00 while the plastic sheets which is currently available in reams (1 ream = 1,000 sheets) are priced at USD 3,300.00. With these current prices, individuals and businesses will surely shy away from using PrePeat but hopefully, its Japanese manufacturer can find some alternatives that can lower its selling price.

To give you an idea on how PrePeat works, here’s a link to the demo videop.

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