Monday, February 1, 2010

Why You Should Care About Envelope Printing

A document placed in a decent envelope can still lose its way. It may be sent to a wrong route or it can even stop dead on its tracks in the U.S. Post Office because your envelope printing is done incorrectly. When we say “done incorrectly”, it means that the labels or fields printed on your envelope are unacceptable or did not follow the USPS specifications.

USPS can be very strict on envelope printing. In fact, it does not only consider the prints but also the size, aspect ratio, thickness, contrast between the envelope paper or color and the ink, the information showing through the envelope window and other address or teaser information printed on the envelope.

So now you know why envelope printing has to be done correctly. This is like doing yourself a favor by avoiding all the hassles that you (or your document) might encounter. The best way to ensure that your envelope printing right is to consult the guidelines of the USPS on their website. Or better yet, you can take time and effort to show your envelope first to the post office branch near you so you can be sure that you’ve done your envelope printing correctly.

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