Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facts about Edible Inks

Edible ink is one of the creative and maybe the only sweet ink for a printer. It is usually used for baking and creating edible printouts as design for pastries.

Its primary ingredient is food coloring that is accredited by the Food and Drug Administration which make it safe to eat, unlike the ordinary printer inks of course.

The use of edible ink is to provide creative designs for pastries and cakes. Using the edible paper which is made of rice or starch, anything printed with the edible ink can be eaten without worrying about poisonous materials.

At present, many bakeshops offer edible photos on their products for all events. You may have encountered this by seeing cakes with pictures that used edible ink and paper.

Although printers used for edible ink must not be used for ordinary inks, it is not the same for printers that were first used for printer inks. You can transform your ordinary printer to a maker of edible printouts by replacing its printer head with one designed for edible inks. After replacing this part, your printer is safe for creating ready to eat images and designs.

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