Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tips on Eco-Friendly Printing

Printing paper works and other materials are always considered as the most efficient way of studying, reading, and even just glancing on any readable thing that your eyes see. However, with all the printing needs that grow everyday, the environment is somehow affected. So how do you maintain or increase your printing while helping the nature? Here are simple tips for this mind-boggling question.

1. Use recycled paper.
Recycled papers are now made available in many stores. These are made of a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste. Although there are those that are 100% recyclable types, they cost much higher so a lower amount would be okay.

2. Try chlorine free papers when possible.
This type of paper can save a lot for the environment because its counterpart uses chemicals to preserve the color and quality of ordinary paper. Chlorine and other harmful elements that are present on the usual paper add factors for the surroundings to degrade. Chlorine free papers, on the other hand, are earth-friendly and consume only a minimal portion of raw materials.

3. Avoid using metallic or fluorescent inks.
These inks contain a lot of harmful chemicals like copper and zinc that can cause pollution on the environment. Even when the presentations look best on these inks, nature will be the one to suffer with its usage.

4. Minimize page numbers.
Try printing on both sides of a paper to save the amount of paper being used. Also, if possible, use a smaller font size at style when printing to avoid wasted ink and paper.

5. Use all forms of recyclable materials.
For a total eco-friendly printing package, try using remanufactured toner cartridges with recycled papers. It’s two times greater savings for you and for the environment.

It is quite good to change the things we once used, especially those that harm the Earth. It’s about time for us to be responsible and try the eco-friendly products that are available.

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