Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Ever wonder how to create unique gifts for mothers now that Mother’s Day is fast approaching? You can always check the stores for gift suggestions or you can make these by yourselves. Here are some ideas from TonerForEarth to express your feelings for your wonderful parents.

1. Stationery Project
If your mother loves to write notes or just make plain scribbles, you can make her personalized stationeries. You can do this on your own word processor and just add designs that will show your creative side. When you’re done doing it, print it on your desired paper with high quality inks or toners.

2. Family Calendar
This is going to be exciting especially when you place photos of your family on every calendar page. Just download free calendar formats then create designs for your chosen calendar. Afterwards, print it on your desired printer settings.

3. CD/DVD gift
You can also make a compilation of your mother’s favorite songs or videos. This is quite easy to do and all you need is your computer with internet connection of course.

4. Family Booklet
Create a booklet that has the story of your family. It is like a scrapbook but a mini version one. Add designs and memorable pictures for it to be really sentimental not only for your mother but for the entire family too.

Mother’s Day is only one of the days to show love and concern for a mother through gifts. Nevertheless, any day could always be special for her just by showing your care on little things or acts.

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