Monday, May 31, 2010

HP's Energy Efficient Printers

Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP, has been very popular in the printing industry before starting its crusade known as the "Going Green." With its continuous efforts to create more products to help the environment, HP has recently introduced its LaserJet P1100 Pro Series, which calls itself "the laser printer that is more efficient."

The LaserJet P1100 has Auto-On/Auto-Off Series HP technology that enables HP printers to go to sleep when not in use for a period. It also has a "quick start" button, which allows the printer to work quickly, even if just turned on. It is also found that this printer's energy consumption is 250 watts when printing, which falls when it reaches its standby mode, making it economical. This printer is also known for its "plug and play" feature that uses USB devices to install the driver.

HP LaserJet P1100 Printer Pro is a powerful printer, which can be useful for users and the environment at the same time. When compatible cartridges are used in these printers, the resources consumed by the original equipment manufactured cartridges are preserved.

In many areas, a lot has shown interest in offering products that care for the Earth. But it is still borne by the consumers who purchase such products if the concerned companies involved in the business can be felt.

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