Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Look on TonerforEarth Website

TonerforEarth just had its new look for all its customers. To give problem-free online shopping, there are new features on its website which can be seen and felt by TonerforEarth shoppers.

The following features were made on TonerforEarth’s website for total customer satisfaction:

• User-friendly toolbars

• Easier to locate desired items

• Helpful user reviews for first-time buyers
-The user reviews can be located at a specific product page.

• New icons like “Create a Ticket” or “Chat Live” for more convenient Customer Service concerns
-These new icons can be seen in the Customer Service page.

• Incredibly lower prices for cartridges

• New “Become an Affiliate” for customers who want to earn from
-The “Become an Affiliate” icon is found at the lower part of the homepage which will be available soon.

• Today's Super Deal

• Top Sellers

• Live Chat

• New Products

• More professional and efficient look

“Category Index” and “Product Index” for a complete list of available product
-These two new features are located beside the “Become an Affiliate” icon.

TonerforEarth will always continue to provide all the needs of its buyers and now that its website was given a greater look, first-time buyers and loyal shoppers at will surely get the satisfaction that they want.

Go ahead and visit now.

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