Monday, May 17, 2010

Recycle Your Inks and Toners

Recycling programs of different sorts are available nowadays. This is a response to the call of nature for us to save it. While most of these acts focus on the plastic and hard to melt wastes, there are also those that even recycle computer and printer parts like ink and toner cartridges. Even the biggest producers in this industry have recently made their part on reusing, recycling, and reducing the unwanted trash.

Epson, in partnership with Funding Factory, actually accepts used and empty cartridges that are burned in an eco-friendly waste-to-energy plant. In this way, the containers are turned into usable energy systems.

Hewlett Packard also has a free recycling program that collects its cartridges which are disassembled and inspected to be made into new products. Other donated parts are also used to be changed into energy or disposed in the proper way.

Canon, on the other hand, accepts the return of its cartridges in various options namely single return option, an up-to-eight multiple return option, and a bulk return option. It also gives shipping offers for some of the returned containers.

Lexmark differs from the other leading printer companies with its free recycling program that actually remanufactures and recycles inks and toner cartridges. It also includes a free recycling bag for every purchase made.

Not only leading companies offer recycling programs, Toner for Earth also has its recycling program that is truly Earth-friendly and hassle-free. Why not try recycling your empty cartridges by donating to these programs. You can also help the environment at the same time.

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  1. Great information! I've started to find that purchasing a new printer is less expensive than replacing the ink in the printer. This doesn't bode well when I want to recycle everything. refill toner


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