Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Technique of Draft Printing

Sometimes it takes longer to print something, and it also consumes too many inks and toners without you noticing it. So how do you prevent this when printing especially on personal materials? I suggest you use the “draft” settings on your printer.

The “draft” setting on the printer is a preference on how you want your printer to perform on paper and with ink. Although it is the lowest type of printer function, it serves as the most economical way of printing. It also speeds the process unlike that of the “best” feature.

To locate this setting, you can always check the settings page of your printer before printing. Just click on the “preferences” and you will find there the different types of printing which include “fast draft, draft, fast normal, normal, and best.”

Depending on your printer, some of these choices may vary. Just use the one that really suits you. Nevertheless, to save your materials switch your settings to the “draft” mode.

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