Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ways to Boost Your iPhoto

iPhoto is the a picture library for Mac desktops which is a fair software. However, there are times when it becomes sluggish and a user’s patience is tested. Here are a few ways on how you can speed up the performance of your iPhoto.

1. Reboot iPhoto library.
When there are more files being placed in your Mac, the iPhoto will tend to slow down so try to rebuild the library and see if it will function faster.

2. Act on your scrolling thumbnails.
Try to resize your thumbnail size and scroll some of the images. You will notice that the smaller the size, the faster the scrolling will be.

3. Try the keyboard shortcuts.
Know all the available keyboard shortcuts in your Mac and try to apply these every time you are using the program to save time and work faster at the same time.

4. Put more in your RAM.
The greater the size of your RAM, the smoother the working process will be. It is advisable to have 1GB, but a 4GB is worth it especially for the iPhoto.

5. Check your database.
This can be a tedious task so make sure that you are prepared to actually open the Terminal and reach the SQLite databases. You can search on the right process for this one.

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