Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dots or Pixels?

Before the technology reached its peak at present, photos before were using the words “dot per inch”. This explained as to whether the picture was taken by a pro or not. At present, the term used is “pixel per inch” that may seem to replace “dot per inch”, but these do not really have the same meaning.

When innovative measures were changed into digital, the images shifted on using the term pixels. Likewise, the camera’s sharpness and performance was measured by the megapixels that it has. A camera can make brilliant pictures with five to eight megapixels while the lower types can be used by beginners; while dots are more compatible with printers when checking on its quality. However, the “dot per inch” term has started to lose with the growth of greater printers nowadays. The “pixel per inch” has changed it to show relation with the images that are being printed by the user.

Images with high pixels can be captured, but printing these will seem a struggle when the printer and the printer cartridge are not compatible. Be sure to know your device to maintain the quality of your printouts, whether it is in dots or pixels.

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