Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Save on Both Ink and Paper

When you become too concerned on the printer cartridges and papers that you use in either a workplace or at home, you want to have ways on how to save on both. Is there really an idea to have more from your ink or toner while also using less paper?

Here are some things you need to think of when making a choice.

1. Saving on printer cartridge.

If you're positive on the idea that your ink or toner consumption has increased, you can try to use the smaller fonts and the draft mode. You can also go for the compatible cartridges that cost less with high quality printing.

2. Saving on paper.

If your stored paper decreases too fast than you imagined, you can try using recycled paper that consume a little less on the ink.

3. Do both.

You can still have more on your paper and ink or toner just by doing the following: reread the file before printing, use the draft printer settings, apply the right font size and style, remove unnecessary parts like images, and print multiple pages in one paper.

Just by trying one or even all of these tips, you will surely save more on your budget and become eco-friendly as well.

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