Monday, June 14, 2010

Inkless Printers by Zink

Zink, an advanced technology also known as Zero Ink, has been making inkless printers that perform just the same as the usual types without the consumable printer cartridges. This technology began for the past years and since then grew to innovate on different models that would fit every user’s printing need.

It was showed on the Consumer Electronics Show before that gave delight to a lot of cell phone and technology lovers with its compact yet smart look. The Zink printer then was a model of Polaroid and Zink Printer Company that was known as a portable cellphone printer. It had the Zink paper which was made of colored crystals in it that were heated to create images. This paper was also durable with a complex design that strengthens it against any natural damages.

At this moment, the Zink technology is continuously making new printers that are not dependent on inks and toners and that can be brought anywhere for the user’s convenience.

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