Monday, June 21, 2010

Printing Monochrome Files on Color Printers

Color printers are very common and useful nowadays, especially in workplaces and homes that need colors on their printed materials. However, when you notice that the cost of colored printer cartridges is higher than before and you want to save on some expenses, maybe you can shift your colorful outputs into black and white ones. But how can you do this with a color printer?

This problem can be easily fixed when you check on your printer settings. You can change the default printing color on the “Properties” part then proceed to the “Paper/Quality” tab. You will find the “Color” icon here then click it to apply the “Black & White”. If you want to go back to your real settings, just do the same thing.

It may seem convenient to change your settings but take note that a color printer still consumes a little of the colored ink when printing. This is made to add contrast on the printing quality. If you plan to remove the colored cartridges, it wouldn’t really help because most printers would only function when these are equipped with complete ink or toner cartridges.

You can also try using compatible cartridges for your printer if you still want to continue your printing habits while saving on the expenses.

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