Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Restore your Printer's Speed

When your printer has been asleep for too long, you might experience printer cartridge malfunctions and sometimes, it might not even work like before. But the most common problem when a printer has not been used for a long time is its speed. So how do you restore your printer’s speed?

1. Clean your print heads.
This can be easily done with the settings or maintenance feature that comes with your printer. Just do it once or twice to clean the print heads.

2. Check the inside of your printer.
You might find some dirt or dust in your printer that keeps it from functioning well. Just use a clean cloth to remove any particle inside.

3. Update your printer.
There might be some problems with the printer software. You can search it online if your printer has an updated version then apply it.

Almost all things need a little cleaning and maintenance to keep its performance. Do not forget to regularly use your printer to avoid technical problems with it.

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