Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ricoh launches BlackBerry Print Application

Ricoh Americas Corporation launched last May 2010 the Ricoh HotSpot that would provide BlackBerry users an application to print files from their phones on HotSpot-enabled printers found at public places.

The HotSpot-enabled printers receive the files through email or uploaded on a URL so that it would work with the BlackBerry or other Web-enabled computer. There is a free application for the said phone to have this function.

The interesting part on this HotSpot feature is that the printer will not function unless the owner enters the print release code which keeps the document safe and private.

This application would really offer hassle-free printing on the part of professionals who seek easy features like this one while on their way to work. Meanwhile, you must never forget to replace your ink or toner cartridge when it is consumed to assure yourself that your printing will be made when you need it the most.

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