Monday, June 7, 2010

Tips on Cleaning Printer Ink Stain

Even when you think that staining your clothes and carpet with printer ink rarely happens, you may never know when you it will occur in your workplace so here are some ways to remove the printer ink stain on your clothing or carpet.

1. Dab and clean it.

Get a clean and wet sponge on the clothing to remove the stain. Just dab it gently until all the ink is taken by the sponge.

2. Dry it.

Air dry the clothing to get rid of the stain caused by the printer ink.

3. Use hair spray.

Hair spray can be essentail on this stain problem. Spray it on messy part to take away the stain.

4. Sandwich it.

Keep the stained clothes in between two towels of paper for the paper to absorb all the ink.

5. Use cleaning solutions.

You can try some cleaning solutions to remove the ink stain especially on your carpet.

The ink or toner cartridge is usually sealed professionally to avoid leakage or any printer malfunctions. However, when the a little impossible mess happens with a printer ink, just follow the tips above and you’ll definitely clean that mess.

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