Friday, June 25, 2010

Tips on Managing Multiple Paper Jams

The common printing problem that many might have experienced is the famous “paper jam”. This can happen when the paper was not properly placed on the paper tray which results to a wrong feeding and the paper being stuck inside. This can be really frustrating on the user’s part since you can damage the printer if you won’t be able to carefully take the paper off.

Okay, that is not the worst part of it. Imagine if multiple sheets of paper were caught inside your printer which made a totally difficult paper jam. Now that’s a bigger problem and here is how to solve this terrible error.

One way is to check if your printer has a back door which is usually located near the cables. Open this then slowly pull the papers out. You can also manually move your printer’s rollers to push the sheets.

Another tip is to just completely pull the papers out slowly to avoid destroying your printer and its printer cartridges. You can even do this with the entire pile of the paper; just make sure that you do not leave any torn parts inside your printer.

Doing proper maintenance and keeping your printer’s performance in good condition can prevent problems like paper jams. Also, remember to use the right printer parts and paper to get the perfect printing quality that you need.

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