Thursday, July 29, 2010

HP Latex Ink for Eco-Friendly Large Format Printing

Advertisers and stores who want to make their products famous would always opt to have billboard signs on popular streets where people would see these. However, it has been proven that these advertising materials can be harmful to the health of the people and to the environment too. So, HP has created the HP Latex Ink that would be an alternative ink for large format printers.

The HP Latex Ink is said to be water-based and was made using recyclable materials. It is made up of latex polymer and pigment particles while its composition is 70% water and 30% added parts. It has no scent and does not contain any harmful materials that can cause or aggravate sickness. Plus, products made from the HP Latex Ink can last up to five years or more with proper usage.

This new form of ink will definitely benefit not only the ones who advertise but also the audience and nature as well.

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