Friday, July 9, 2010

Ink Considered as Most Expensive Consumable

If you are an inkjet printer user and you have been really loyal to OEMs, you may have lost a lot from your money by now. Why? The answer is because many studies and experts already had almost the same results on the long term use of printer inks.

Every drop from an inkjet cartridge costs more than that of a toner cartridge. The reason behind this could be the process and technology that inks undergo in order to provide the right printing quality. However, if you have already experienced printing problems or even ink-related issues, you might ask if it is really worth the price.

The answer depends on where you are getting your printer cartridge. If it is from an OEM store and the quality seems poor, you are really wasting your money then. Why not switch to a third party shop that offers great remanufactured printer cartridges? Even more so, these are Earth-friendly and may contribute to the conservation of resources. One great store is TonerGreen that offers 100% US-made inks and toners which can suit all your printing needs.

Now that you have the best alternative for those costly inks, you do not have to settle with original ones ever again.

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