Monday, July 19, 2010

Misspelling Cartridges When Typing

Many people nowadays can actually type with a moderate to fast speed. It is not impossible that there a lot of misspelled words available online that can also make sales or increase revenues in the most unexpected ways. One good example for this is the word “cartridge” that is usually associated with printer cartridges. Here is a good list of the misspelled ones that you may have committed one time or another.


Although these are just a few, maybe the most common is the cartirdge that has 3,600 global monthly searches according Google Adwords, which normally happens when you type faster than usual and you mistakenly interchange the letters “r” and “i”. But there are instances that an online store banks on a misspelled keyword intentionally to attract customers. This is a marketing strategy that can be risky yet with benefits too.

So if you own a remanufactured printer cartridge store, or you are just one of those online buyers misspelling words, maybe you would like to try those misspelled words with links just to see what lies beyond these tricky terms.

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