Friday, July 23, 2010

Print Your Food with a 3D Printer

Maybe in the movies before we have seen machines making food in the most impossible way and we thought that this can never happen. Well, we were wrong because MIT has already created a 3D printer that can actually create or rather print food. What, food being printed with toner or inkjet cartridges?

Of course not, unless you have no plans of eating the food after making it. The 3D printer stores the ingredients of a recipe in canisters which can be compared to a printer cartridge for normal printers. When the user wants his food made, he will just have to key-in the details on the touch screen display and then the printer will start doing the work in a step-by-step and precise process. You can even edit the details on nutrition facts and taste just the way you want it.

This 3D printer was given the name Cornucopia and has been considered to be another breakthrough for the present technology.

Meanwhile you can already print edible treats with the edible ink cartridges and a compatible printer being used by some bakeshops. It has already been a form of creativity and food as well since many pastries are being designed with this ink.

But if you own a normal printer with a normal printer cartridge, you do not have to feel really stuck on printing the usual stuffs since there are still other ways to actually work with your printer as long as you show your creativity and artistic sides on these projects.

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