Monday, August 9, 2010

Be Greener with Instant Cartridge Printer

Lately, news about the Instant Cartridge Printer by Yuexun Chen has spread in the printing world giving more excitement and future to eco-friendly printing jobs. If you haven’t figured out what this printer can do for you and for the environment, let me give you a quick summary on it.

The Instant Cartridge Printer comes in the size that will depend on what printing material you are going to use, either a postcard type or the legal size one. This is very handy since you instantly get to print your image or file just by attaching it to your PC using a USB cable of course. For the Earth-friendly part, the packaging of the Instant Cartridge Printer is made of recycled paper that is durable enough to protect the printer cartridge found in it. You can also recycle the packaging once you are done with the printer which makes it very reusable.

According to Chen, the concept “The packaging is the product”, is the main idea why he came up with this innovative design. It is one of way of stopping unwanted wastes that fill the lands and destroy the nature. When this printer hits the market, hopefully printer users and manufacturers would somehow use it as a guide to further help the environment.

For the meantime, you can always use remanufactured printer cartridges from which are 100% Earth-friendly items if you wish to save on your printing costs without having to settle with low printing quality.

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