Thursday, August 5, 2010

Printing in the Old Days—When Printer was not yet born

It’s fascinating how printing has developed through the years making every documented file easier to share. However, did you ever wonder how the people in the past printed their works when there were no printers yet?

Chinese Paper and Ink
There are experts who have stated that the first printing was done on a wooden block in China where the ink and block was transferred on paper.

Birth in Korea

The first use of movable type was done in Korea last 1241. Nevertheless, movable type is still being used at present but it has weakened because of electronic digital imaging. There are interests and opportunities that the movable type can offer which is why it has stayed alive until now.

King James at the Scene

Europeans made a mark on the “printing world” when the King James Bible was published in the year 1611. Although the Asian part of the world has already started creating books, the King James Bible made a greater impact.

The Creation of Paper

In 1870, paper was fully produced using wood pulp which made printing close to what it is now. Printing presses grew and businesses started doing marketing strategies using printouts. In the year 1947, photo typesetting already emerged and the printing industry continued to grow.

Next time you spot on your printer and its printer cartridges, you may want to think twice if you wish to hit it because of the printer errors since printing has started long before you did.

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