Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tell Your Printer to Save Ink

Your printer can turn into a monster that will eat your money and printer cartridges if you do not know how to tame it. So, maybe you are now thinking how to do that when a printer is just a machine and not animal that you need to pamper or teach some lessons. Well, of course you cannot do that but you can tell your printer to save on your inks by keeping it settings on the most economical mode.

Click on your Start Menu then go to the Printer/Faxes part. Check on your default printer then open the “Printing Defaults” found at the “Set Print Properties” to find the “Paper/Quality” part. Here you can choose the “Econo mode” which is made to keep your printer’s printing in a very eco-friendly way.

Other printers can also do this by choosing the “Grayscale” option, although this is common only to color printers that want to save on color inks.

Just keep your printer in good shape to be certain that it will do what you want in preserving your printer cartridges while still doing your desired printings.

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