Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Be a Full Budget Saver with the PrePeat Rewritable Printer

Ever thought of being a full budget saver with your printing needs? Well, you may have already heard about those ink or toner free printers, but what if your printer is can be more than that wherein it can reuse your paper by erasing your prints and putting on a new one?

Early this month, a new innovation for the printing industry was introduced which can give you tons of savings if you know how to work with it properly. The name of this great printer is the PrePeat rewritable printer. Equipped with the special paper made of PET plastic, it can delete whatever has been printed on that then start on a new printout. It is even estimated that you can reuse that paper for almost a thousand times.

So what’s the catch? Well as of now, the PrePeat rewritable printer costs more than what an ordinary printer user can afford, but it is worth the money if you know that you will have savings in the long run.

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  1. The most commonly used is the green printer that is eco friendly and hence they do not eject the harmful chemicals in large quantities
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