Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Become Greener

I’m pretty sure that you have somehow considered being greener in your lifestyle one way or another. Some simple tasks like throwing the garbage in the right bin or using eco-friendly products are just some of the examples that you may have already done. But how do you really become greener in a way that you get to contribute a lot with little ways? Here are some of the tips that I want to share with you.

1. Recycle
It may sound so redundant to recycle but this has always been a greener movement for a person who wants to help the environment. You can do this by actually checking on recycling programs that are available in your place. A trend right now is those that are offered by printer cartridge stores so you may want to try that one out.

2. Reuse
Now this is becoming so common to you, I bet. But the reusing part is more focused on the papers. Why not try to keep those draft ones for the meantime then reuse these when you are printing personal files. You get to save on those trees cut down to make papers if you try this tip.

3. Reduce
You guessed it right that this is the last tip. Reduce your energy consumption by maintaining your appliances and also unplugging those that you are not using. Think of the money and resources spent on that electricity which you are just leaving alone. Such a waste, isn’t it?

So these are just some of the many tips to become a really greener person. Just stay open-minded and accept those great alternatives to become more attached to the environment.

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