Friday, September 3, 2010

TonerGreen Remanufactured Printer Cartridges Can Be a Smart Choice

TonerGreen has been known to be a dependable third-party seller of remanufactured laser toner cartridges and printer inks. You can even get great deals and offers while being a part of its commitment to act for the planet. Now maybe it has crossed your mind how did that happen. Well, here is a quick trip on the manufacturing process that Tonergreen does to its products which make these Earth-friendly items.

The remanufactured printer cartridges from TonerGreen are basically composed of recycled ink and toner cartridges which have been thoroughly examined for damaged parts. When there are broken portions found, these are immediately replaced to maintain the good quality of the cartridge. Then, the cartridges still undergo several inspections and quality control processes before the refilling of toner and ink is done. Printing tests are also made after the refilling method to ensure that the customer will receive the printing quality that he or she needs. The printings made by TonerGreen inks and toners are of same
quality as the OEMs with added benefits like those huge savings.

TonerGreen’s products are all remanufactured inks and toners which differ from the compatible printer cartridges. Compatible printer cartridges are known to be almost a hundred percent new inks and toners at a relatively cheaper price than the OEMs, while remanufactured ones make use of recyclable cartridges which is a very innovative and eco-friendly way to help conserve resources while avoiding too much wastes made.

With every toner and ink cartridge bought from TonerGreen, you are ensured of high quality printing with even more savings because of the economical prices that this store offers. So next time you spot a myth about remanufactured cartridges, think again because maybe these third party products are a great choice after all.

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  1. Refilling and reusing makes sense. Excellent blog. You have so much information here. I take my cartridges to the refill center. refill toner


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