Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Facts for a Wackier Halloween Party

So you may have already read the entries here on making eco-friendly Halloween invitations, masks, and recipes but how about games for your much awaited Halloween party?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because TonerGreen has come up with a list of fun facts and trivia about this season that you will surely love to share. You could also print several copies to give out to your friends as souvenirs. Just remember to use eco-friendly remanufactured printer cartridges on your printer for more savings while getting the best prints too.

Now, here are some exciting trivia about Halloween that will make you and your friends wackier on that night.

1. Halloween started way back 2000+ years and was called All Hallows Eve. It was actually a pagan celebration every 31st of October which was a part of the Celtic calendar too. The main purpose of All Hallows Eve was to remember those who have passed away.

2. Orange and black are the main color of Halloween since orange is the color for Fall harvest while black is for mystery and death.

3. Halloween is the second most celebrated occasion next to Christmas.

4. Seeing a spider on Halloween usually means that this creature is a spirit who is visiting you.

5. Halloween in Mexico is known as “The Day of the Dead”.

There you go. These are just a few of those fantastic facts about Halloween that you may want to share on your party.

Want more Halloween treats from TonerGreen? Keep reading and you might just find all the guides that you need for a wonderful and spooky celebration.

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