Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Refill an HP CC364X Toner Cartridge or Buy a Remanufactured HP Toner?

An HP CC374X laser toner cartridge is used on an HP LaserJet P4015 printer that can do every printing work that you might need. However, since printer cartridges have been considered to be expensive consumables, although ink cartridges are far more costly, there are alternatives for like refilling this or going for those remanufactured HP CC374X laser toner. So what are the differences between these two choices and which one would be the best for your printer?

Refilling HP CC374X Laser Toner Cartridge

Refilling your empty HP toner would require the specific toner refilling set for your printer cartridge. Then, you will have to unscrew some parts of the toner cartridge to fill it with the new toner. The not so good part with this alternative is the possibility of not properly refilling the cartridge since you will have to follow certain instructions to stay safe while placing in the new toner. You must also have that refill kit in stock to be sure that you will not run out of toner cartridges when you need these.

Buying Remanufactured HP CC374X Laser Toner Cartridge

A remanufactured HP CC374X toner is a third party printer cartridge made by manufacturers who wish to supply affordable laser toners to those printer users who wish to save on their printing costs. This can be bought online especially when you are the type of person who has that very busy schedule. This alternative has proven a lot on its price and performance as well. If you wish to know a not so good side of this choice, maybe it could be the error messages that sometimes occur when you do not properly install it.

The choice would always depend on you. It would be good to list down your preferences first then see which choice of printer cartridge will suit you.

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