Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrate America Recycles Day with TonerGreen’s Recycling Program

Taking part in the preservation of our environment has become a duty for every nation at present. This is why since 1997, the United States has taken efforts to make everyone participate in America Recycles Day, which takes place every November 15.

America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day for all sorts of recycling programs. Every American citizen is asked to take part on this occasion by actually making efforts to promote different measures of recycling.

At TonerGreen, recycling has been one of its ways to pursue its Green Revolution for a more eco-friendly printing experience. Its recycling program allows every printer user to donate his or her used laser toner cartridge or ink cartridge for store credit. By giving your recyclable toner cartridges to TonerGreen, you not only help the environment, you also get paid for your efforts. That’s actually getting the best of both worlds!

But wait, since America Recycles Day is a very important event for TonerGreen, there will surely be more surprises and offers from your eco-friendly remanufactured printer supplies store, so just stay posted.

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