Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eco-friendly HP CE278A Toner in HP LaserJet P1566/P1606DN for Environment-conscious Print-Outs

The HP CE278A toner is the black toner cartridge for HP LaserJet P1566 & LaserJet P1606DN printers. Effective printing can be achieved using either printer but using eco-friendly toners in them such as a remanufactured HP CE278A toner result to a more environment-caring printing.

These 2 printers are among the first line of printers from HP that employ its proprietary Smart Install technology. Basically, it means that these models are plug-and-play printers that do not require the usual installation prior to first use.

They are both designed for efficient printing with energy-conserving features. Given that, it is but fitting to use an eco-friendly remanufactured HP CE278A black toner cartridge in these printers.

Businesses who utilize these printers with an ecotoner are assured that printing their documents do not contribute further to harming our environment.

Tonergreen is one of the online suppliers of eco-friendly HP toners including a remanufactured HP CE278A toners. They are quality remanufactured right here in the US to meet OEM cartridge standards and can bring as much as 50% savings in laser toner cartridge cost.

Your office can surely use a cost-effective printing that is still good for the environment. This can be achieved with an HP LaserJet LaserJet P1566 or LaserJet P1606DN printer and eco-friendly toners such as a remanufactured HP CE278A toner.

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