Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Make Eco-friendly Christmas Décors

Now that the Christmas Day is almost near, almost everyone is just thrilled to celebrate this special occasion. However, if you are still caught up in preparing your last minute Christmas decor, you may want to ask help from your printer and its remanufactured laser toner cartridges so you can create eco-friendly decorations. Want to know how?

Well, first of all you must be using remanufactured laser toners or ink cartridges on your printer to be sure that you get savings and are eco-friendly at the same time. If haven’t learned yet, remanufactured printer cartridges are known to be best budget savers when it comes to printing. They are less expensive plus the materials used are recycled cartridges which reduce the consumption of resources and the waste being dumped at landfill.

Next thing that you may want to try is to gather old pictures and print them. Cut them out into different shapes and stick them on any Christmas décor like the balls on your Christmas tree or on the lantern hanging by the door. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about wasting toners or inks since you’re already printing with remanufactured printer cartridges, right?

You can also print other Christmas designs like images of Santa Claus or his reindeer, then stick them all together on a string and hang it in your hallway. You can even ask help from your children so you can spend some family time together while decorating.

Keep in mind that even though Christmas is almost here, it’s never too late to continue decorating as long as you have all that you need—like your printer.

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