Friday, January 28, 2011

Comparing the 3 Printer Terms: Ink Cartridge, Print head, and Toner Cartridge

When you have a printer, you may have already encountered the terms ink cartridge, print head, and toner cartridge. However, there are still those who feel confused whenever they encounter these words in situations like purchasing a remanufactured printer cartridge or troubleshooting a printer error.

So if you are one of those printer users that has been caught up with this confusion, then here are the answers to your puzzling questions. A comparison among the three printer terms can also help you out.

First of all, a print head and a printer cartridge are not the same thing and do not have any similarity at all since the print head is a part of the printer that holds on the nozzle. The nozzle is the tool that allows the ink or toner from your cartridge to flow down and reach the paper.

The difference between an ink cartridge and a laser toner cartridge is that the other one contains ink while the second type has toner. Of course, the ink is in liquid form while the toner is a powder-like substance. Both need to pass through the print head to do the printing process and to be placed on your material.

When it comes to the price of the printer supplies, printer inks are considered to be cheaper than laser toners. However, laser toner cartridges can create more documents and images. Also. Laser toner cartridges can perform faster than ink types which makes laser printers the top choice for business needs.

Lastly, both printer cartridges differ in printing quality. Laser toners are perfect for text printing while ink cartridges work well with images. It still depends on your preference so know what you will print, then you can decide on what printer and cartridge type you should get.

Now that you already understand these words used for printers, you can define each and avoid the confusion next time you decide to get printer supplies.

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