Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eco Printer : Print on the Same Paper Many Times Over

Welcome the new year with this great innovation - the Eco Printer - designed by Sharsha Lee for LiteOn Technology Corp. This award winning environment-friendly printer concept allows reprints on a single sheet of paper many times over.

Eco Printer

This Eco Printer features a technology that allows anyone to be able to print over a single sheet of paper over and over again. It utilizes a specialized ink that can be erased by UV irradiation, allowing anyone to print a new set of information over that same sheet of paper. We normally relate reprints with having to redo the printing because of some error. In the case of the Eco Printer, a reprint could mean an entirely new printed document!

Isn't that awesome?! It is common knowledge that paper is recyclable; the Eco Printer takes the lifespan of a sheet of paper so much further.

Now, this printer is highly suitable for recurring office documents. Right now, I can only think of office announcements pasted on our bulletin board for let say upcoming company events, non-sensitive memos, etc. Imagine if these papers posted can be reprinted with new and updated information?!

The concept of the Eco Printer truly is an eco-friendly innovation to paper printing and very much fitting for its red dot concept design award.

The red dot design award is a large and renowned design competition in the world divided into 3 categories. This innovative printer was chosen under the red dot award: design concept 2010 for workplace.

< Here are the other winners of the competition. >

We should all look forward when LiteOn mass-produces and offer this printer to the public. For the meantime, we should all work to achieve a more environment-conscious printing by choosing energy-saving printers and using eco-friendly remanufactured toners & inks as its consumable.

Images from Yanko Design.

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