Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning Printer Terminology

There are a lot of terms used in the printing world that you might not understand or can create some confusion especially when you are choosing the right printer and printer cartridges for you. Here are definitions to some of the more common words to help you understand the manufacturer’s products.

1. DPI - This term means dots per inch which describes the resolution used on a certain image. So the higher the DPI is, the higher the image quality will be.

2. PPM - PPM stands for pages per minute which is used to measure the printing speed of a printer. It provides the number of pages that your printer can make in a minute.

3. Bit Depth - Bit depth is the number of assorted color tones connected to a dot.

4. AIO and MFP- These two terms refer to types of printers which are either all in one (AIO) or multifunction printers (MFP).

5. Duty cycle- This counts the number of printed pages a printer can create.

There are still a lot of other terms used for printers and its parts to make it easy for the manufacturers and consumers to communicate. If we didn’t cover it here, a quick search on your favorite search engine should help you find the definition you’re looking for.

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