Monday, March 14, 2011

Samsung's Zero-Energy Transparent TV for Eco-Friendly Living

Samsung has been developing a lot of products that offer eco-friendly and socially responsible living for everyone. With its recent innovation, the zero-energy transparent television, you will surely be fascinated about how you can save a lot while enjoying the latest technology from this wondrous brand.

The zero-energy transparent LCD TV, unveiled by Samsung in the CeBIT computer expo earlier this was a 46-inch prototype. It is fully solar powered making it independent from your traditional wall outlet, effectively reducing your carbon footprint. It has solar panels that absorb energy from the lighting of a room, and it only uses a little amount of energy providing a lot of savings for its users. The transparent panel also makes it possible to view objects from behind the television while still watching what is being played, which means the technology can be used in other applications.

While this Samsung breakthrough technology is really interesting and can offer a lot for you and the environment, it may take some time for everyone to actually get one. So while you are still waiting to get your hands on that Samsung zero-energy transparent TV, why not go green with your printing first?

Yes, you can still have an eco-friendly lifestyle through your prints by getting a refurbished Samsung laser printer then filling it with remanufactured Samsung laser toners. These items can also offer a lot of savings and cut your printing expenses by up to 70%! That's a lot right?

Going green in your living is actually a smart choice to help the environment and your pockets too. Start with your printing, then when it’s available, go for a change in your everyday viewing with the Samsung zero-energy transparent TV.

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