Friday, April 29, 2011

Will Your Ink Cartridge Evaporate When Unused?

Sometimes, people wonder if ink cartridges can evaporate when unused. Although there are instances when you may have noticed how your printer ink seems to deplete after sometime, is it really possible for those inks to just dry up?

Image Reproduced from Cartridged.Com
Well, here is some useful information that might answer this interesting question.

First of all, printer ink is made with technology that allows it to dry up quickly so that the printing would be at its best. A solvent is added to it which does evaporate.

When you refill your ink cartridges, you normally create a hole for the syringe that you will use. However, if you frequently do this, there is a greater chance for air to enter your cartridge which could make the ink evaporate. To avoid this, just go for remanufactured cartridges that are affordable as refill kits, but more convenient and with greater printing quality.

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