Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Liberia Utilizes Recent Innovations to Cut Down on Illegal Logging

Last month we covered the importance of recycling paper and why we should continue to do so. The bottom line is that like the Environmental Defense Fund states on their site, recycling paper "saves forests," and now, there's at least one more measure being used to prevent worldwide deforestation: bar codes.

Screenshot Taken from Helveta LTD Promotional Video
While the technology from British company Helveta has been put into use as a way to minimize illegal logging since 2009, the West African country of Liberia has recently signed a deal with the European Union to regulate the country's logging industry, which the country relies on heavily to support its economy. The system will include tagging each legally harvestable tree and each log from these trees with a barcode. The bar codes can then be used to track a tree through every stage of processing, from the time it's cut to the time it arrives at the factory.

Although only time will tell whether or not the system will prove to be effective in minimizing illegal logging and reviving Liberia's economy, what we can do now to minimize the environmental effects of paper production is simply to recycle. On top of that, be sure to use TonerGreen's remanufactured toner cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges for all of your printing needs. Don't forget that not only will you help divert waste from landfills by buying our recycled cartridges, you'll also be helping environmental causes through our partnership with EarthShare.

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