Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally, Something Good Out of Noise

Don’t you feel irritated whenever you go to any place that is very noisy? Well, you need not feel so irritated anymore because noisy places do have their use: as an alternative source of electricity.

Green Noise Device (Photo Reproduced from

Designer Hung-Uei Jou has decided to make something good out of noise. He created a device aptly called Green Noise. Green Noise is able to capture, identify and convert sound energy to electricity which can be used to power lights and other relatively small or low-wattage facilities. It is shaped like a conical speaker to allow the device to catch sound waves more easily. Green Noise stands on a tripod base and can work under any weather conditions.

As mentioned, Green Noise is only capable of powering low-wattage appliances and equipment as of now but I'm pretty sure further developments will allow it to power bigger and "heavier" electronic appliances like your printer. Imagine the huge contribution you can make to the environment and the great savings you can get if you use Green Noise with remanufactured inks and toners. Now, that's a great deal...

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