Friday, May 13, 2011

Google Goes Green

Google, the renowned search engine, joins the Go Green bandwagon. Google Inc. contributed to green energy through the development of a new type of mirror technology that can help reduce the cost of building solar thermal plants by as much as 50%.

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Bill Weihl, Google's Green Energy Officer, has told Reuters about this latest development. If the pilot testing for the new solar energy mirror goes well, Google will proceed with its rollout in about one to three years. The company is currently coordinating with the developers of solar energy mirror in exploring materials that can be used as reflective surface and as substrate on which the mirror will be mounted. As of now, the developers were able to create an internal prototype.

The solar energy mirror will be used to improve the solar energy capacity of solar panels. It will focus the sun's rays on a heated substance that will, in turn, produce steam. The steam will be used to power facilities and equipment like turbines to generate electricity.

Google has long been investing in studies that can produce more affordable innovations for green energy. For the solar energy mirror project, America's top search engine aims to deviate from the costs of producing heliostats, a field of mirrors used to track and capture the sun's rays.

Indeed, more and more companies are now going green amidst issues on global warming and climate change. TonerGreen, for one, aims to provide individuals and companies with environmentally-responsible recycling solutions. For every purchase of remanufactured ink and toner cartridge, TonerGreen provides customers not only with cost reduction opportunities but also waste elimination opportunities.

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